Multidisciplinary engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor Michal Prywata is passionate about developing technology to address some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. In the areas of healthcare, biotechnology, space technology, agricultural productivity and sustainability, and the distribution of natural resources, he co-founded a number of businesses that are setting the standard.

The technology behind Michal’s first firm, Bionik, which was created at MIT, revolutionized robotic neurological rehabilitation and greatly improved patient care, starting with stroke sufferers. The potential for robots and artificial intelligence to transform healthcare and enhance human well-being is far greater than what Bionik’s technology can offer.

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Organic Intelligence, one of Michal’s other businesses, created the first plant communication technology ever. This groundbreaking technology allows crops to grow more productively, resiliently, and with less reliance on pesticides and fertilizers. It does this by leveraging outside communication to guide and enhance growth through the interconnectivity of the root system. Organic Intelligence is redefining ecologically conscious and sustainable agricultural practices that offer far higher yields, and it is well-positioned to play a major part in solving the world’s mounting food problem.

With a team that includes some of the original founders of SpaceX, Michal’s project, Phantom Space, is building one of the first end-to-end space firms, from mission planning to spacecraft design and launch to satellite constellation management. By rethinking how we reach space, this specialist team hopes to transform the field of off-Earth exploration and pave the road for humanity’s cosmic expansion.

Michal proudly belongs to and supports the following organizations: The Explorers Club, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Royal Astronomical Society, The National Geographic Society, and The American Association for the Advancement of Science. These organizations all share his enthusiasm for space and exploration.

In addition, Michal was a founding member of Quantum Cognition, a think tank whose goal is to study and create AI systems that would protect and promote mankind.

FundGPT is a technology that enables even small investors to get access to the power, speed, information gathering, processing, and data analysis capabilities of financially targeted artificial intelligence (AI). It is an autonomous and transparent investing system.

Quantum cognition is also driving the creation of the “Pegasus” counter-AGI initiative, which aims to essentially hardwire current and future AI advancements with embedded “kill switch” technologies to safeguard humanity against near-sentient or runaway AIs whose goals may conflict with humanity’s survival.

Michal is an advisor to many funds and a startup investor that concentrates on basic human necessities including food, health, biotechnology, and space exploration.

His years of study and experiments in the field of astrophysics, together with his passion with the secrets of the cosmos, have led to the development of his own hypothesis regarding dark matter. Michal has always been a fervent supporter of Ray Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns and feels that a number of technology advances are imminent that might fundamentally alter the path of human history.

Michal has devoted a significant portion of his adult life to “bio-hacking” himself in an effort to live a long and healthy life and assist people around him in doing the same. He is also an advocate for human longevity and personal wellness.

Michal is profoundly impacted by his parents’ quest of the American Dream. His parents are Polish immigrants to Canada. Those who know him well can witness to his artistically quirky personality, which is accentuated by his motto of always approaching life with a dash of humor. He has a passion for travel, adventure, and discovery.

Most significantly, Michal is aware that we will all contribute to the creation of a better world via innovation, technology, and human brilliance.