It makes sense that individuals would want to elegantly record such a significant event as a wedding. Wedding photographers have always been regarded as the most important supplier for capturing wedding moments, but as digital production has advanced, the once-amateurish wedding movies of the past have evolved into cinematic masterpieces that prioritize style and narrative. A video may transmit the emotion, sound, and movement of an experience in a completely different way than a photograph, even while a photograph provides a snapshot of a moment in time—which is fantastic for many reasons. Nowadays, videographers are seen as a frequently priceless addition to a wedding’s vendor roster.

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According to Lindsey Conklin of Le Rêve Films, “in the end, the pictures and videos are often the only keepsakes you have from a wedding day.” “Having a wedding videotaped shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury. After their wedding, couples most commonly regret not hiring a videographer. Capturing significant audio moments is something that a snapshot cannot accomplish, but a film can. Only a film can capture priceless moments like the passion in your voice when you read your vows or your father’s kind remarks when he sees you for the first time in your dress.

Would you like to relive your wedding on screen? Insights from some of the best wedding videographers in the industry are provided here so you can choose the best crew to record the significant moments of your special day.

The Case for Using a Wedding Videographer

Experts advise finding a videographer that specializes in weddings if you’re wanting to hire one to capture your big day. A normal videographer may be accustomed to working in a setting where they have greater creative freedom and can do several takes. However, Conklin notes that there is no safety net for wedding videographers. “The more seasoned ones can still produce amazing images because they are usually adaptable and ready to handle any curve balls that may come their way.”

Frank explains, “Weddings are a really specific type of live production.” “A wedding filmmaker possesses the extremely specialized abilities to manage a timeline for the wedding, collaborate with other creative partners, avoid interfering with the couple’s or guests’ experience of the event, and overcome unforeseen obstacles to guarantee that your wedding day is flawlessly captured on film.”

The collaboration between your photographer and filmmaker is another crucial aspect to take into account. A wedding-experienced video crew will be better able to work with your photographer and comprehend the subtleties that go into each person’s production. According to Chris Jespersen of Storybox Cinema, “we photographers and videographers have a dance that we perform throughout the day, each of us taking the lead at different times, finding inspiration from each other, and creating beautiful imagery for the couple.” “We constantly strive to assist each other out because we know what the other is looking for in terms of coverage.”

That bond is crucial before, during, and after your festivities, not just on the big day. “I am in constant communication and collaboration with the wedding photographer throughout the entire process—from location scouting to social media rollout strategy,” continues Frank. “I can ensure that I get the footage I want and provide a seamless experience for my client while also honoring the photographer’s needs thanks to this.”

How to Choose the Greatest Wedding Filmmaker for Your Event

After you’ve decided that having a film at your wedding is essential, it’s crucial to choose a videographer that shares your vision. Before you start contacting people, you need have a concept of some of the popular genres of videography because not all videography is created equal. In a documentary, the cameraman often takes a hands-off approach, not staging any situations. A wedding may be made to feel like a movie with cinematic videography, which makes thoughtful use of music and sound effects. The film of your wedding day could use a narrative technique that tells the tale of your relationship. Some filmmakers have a vintage aesthetic, producing films with a faint retro vibe by utilizing Super 8 film or older equipment. Conklin observes, “There are plenty of options for every style and taste.” “While some videographers may be known for a more timeless approach, others may be more known for bold and high energy editing.”

After you have a notion of your style, you should research videographers that can either go to your wedding or are nearby. A referral may also be very beneficial in your search, especially if it comes from your wedding planner or photographer. They will likely have worked with the person they recommend, which will streamline the process.

Although a videographer’s aesthetic is crucial, keep in mind that they will be there for the duration of your wedding. Finding someone you connect with, who you love being around, and who has a clear vision is advised, according to Jespersen. “Well done! You’ve found your wedding videographer if you like their work and energy and share their vision!”

How to Enhance the Experience of Wedding Videography

Even while the cost of your wedding videographer will often include their time, assistants, travel, gear, hard drives, and editing, there are a few extras you may add to make the film stronger. While most couples just record their wedding on the main day, you may also record your rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and any minor events you have over the wedding weekend. It is crucial to be able to relive your wedding weekend in its entirety. According to Frank, “I’ve even had clients choose to have me photograph their engagement photos or bachelor and bachelorette parties.” Nowadays, it’s also typical to include drone video to get sweeping overhead vistas of ceremony and reception setups.

You might ask the videographer to record an additional adventure session if you and your spouse would like a more in-depth look at your relationship in your wedding film. Conklin says, “It’s kind of like a ‘day in the life’ of the couple.” “While they are doing one of their favorite activities, the videographer follows them about. This information is incredibly captivating and gives the couple’s wedding movie a really personal touch.

A videographer may also give particular supplementary cuts that are appropriately shrunk down for different platforms, in addition to the full-length film, as many couples want to post their nuptials on social media. Sometimes these little videos might be changed the week after your wedding. According to Jespersen, couples might inquire with their videographer about the possibility of receiving speedy turnarounds for social media highlights. “We love to provide this, and many of our clients do. The experience and connection at an event are greatly enhanced by a film that is turned around the following day.